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Coach Bracy Joins College Staff

By Brandon Bracy, 07/04/18, 9:45AM PDT


In 2014 I returned to the Bay Area after my playing career was finished. My passion for playing the game had went away but I still loved the game enough to want to help somebody else reach their goals with basketball. My brother and his peers were finishing up their sophomore seasons at Jesse Bethel High School, so I had a group that I knew would train and play for me but I never knew that working with them would lead to a possible career path as a coach and trainer.

In the summer of 2014, I was able to round up those guys with a few players from my Alma Mater Vallejo High School and coach them with the Nor-Cal Power, an AAU program out of American Canyon. The success I had with them plus the development of the players from Bethel, led to the start of Team Rampage and also led to Coach Dwayne Jones offering me an opportunity to join his staff at Bethel as a Varsity assistant. I am forever thankful of Coach Jones for taking a chance on a young 22 year old at the time to help lead a group of young men through the game of basketball. He let me coach the group during the summer and take them through the grind of the offseason. The next year I would join American Canyon's staff as an assistant before returning to my Alma Mater Vallejo High School in the fall of 2016 as the freshman coach.

Coaching at Vallejo High School was somewhere that I always wanted to be. I grew up watching Demarcus Nelson in middle school, and remembering the glory days of Vallejo High School being one of the best teams on the west-coast, which made me want to be a part of it. Coaching at Vallejo the past two seasons has been a priceless feeling. To have the opportunity to help these young student-athletes on and off the court, while also understanding what they are going through is what brings this great feeling to coaching at Vallejo. 

Coaching Freshmen has been a humbling experience and has helped me as a coach tremendously. I have had the challenge of developing these players during a short span of time despite some players having no organized basketball experience. This past season we went undefeated in league but more importantly, three players were pulled up to junior varsity at the end of the season with one of them possibly going straight up to varsity. I am proud of the work that I have done at the freshmen level and with Vallejo high school, and I plan on continuing to assist Coach Brown and Coach Johannson as we look to continue to build the program. For the 2018-2019 season I will be assisting the Varsity team for Vallejo High School and taking on Player Development duties but I will no longer be able to coach at the freshmen level. 

Along with Assisting the Varsity team, I will also be a part of Napa Valley College's Coaching Staff with Head Coach Steve Ball. This was a tough decision due to the fact that I was approached by other colleges such as my Alma Mater Solano College, and Coach Miguel Johnson with Contra Costa College. I am thankful for those two programs reaching out to me and believing in my abilities but I didn't feel I was ready to coach at the time with me pursuing my Master's Degree. Now that I have my Master's under my belt, I feel that I am ready to jump into the college coaching world due to the qualifications that it takes to coach at that level. Coaching with Coach Ball and Coach Carson is the best fit in my opinion right now and I am excited to have the opportunity to assist the program and help wherever is needed, while also learn from the staff. Despite the many moves I have made with my coaching career In the past 4 years, I could never forget about where I started as a coach. I want to thank everyone who has played a part in me reaching this point, and helping my overall growth as a coach.

- Brandon Bracy